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Avin International School,offers nationally established CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum.

The school curriculum features the interactive learning system for the effective implementation of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). The prime focus of the curriculum is to innovate teaching-learning methodologies by developing paradigms that are conducive for students.

The school provides a balanced educational program within a safe and stimulating environment so that each child embarks on a physical, intellectual, emotional and social journey of curiosity and reasoning. The aim of the school is to provide the essential skills that a child needs to cope with the changes in the world. While encouraging positive individual characteristics, it promotes a child's responsibility, co-operation, creativity, respect for individuality and equality. It enhances learning by establishing and maintaining a high level of academic and behavioral expectations. AIS thus has designed a curriculum to make learning enjoyable, activity-based and experimental, preparing every student for global expectations.


A robust co-curricular program is implemented to enhance the theoretical knowledge of classrooms. With the motive to enhance confidence, self-esteem, leadership, creativity, team spirit, patriotism, sympathy, empathy in a child, various activities and competitions are organized regularly under the guidance and supervision of able hands in the areas of literature, art, music, dance and technology to name a few.

The array of extra-curricular activities includes

Visual and Performing Arts

Are conducted to express feelings, emotions, opinions or taste through visual means such as painting, drawing or performances of music, dance, theatre and public speaking.


Classes are conducted regularly to promote the physical and emotional wellbeing of the students through the planned curriculum.

Hobby Clubs

Are conducted every week to give a break to the students from the routine of the classrooms. These clubs ranging from Speech and Drama, Taekwondo, Cookery, etc. aims at holistic development of the child.

Thematic Assemblies

Assemblies are conducted on various themes at regular intervals to instill values in the students and create social awareness about various issues through dance, drama, music. It also promotes development of key social, emotional, cognitive and academic life skills.

External Examination

The school conducts various external examinations like Olympiads, Spell Bee, NSTSE, All India G.K. Exams etc to prepare and assess as per international standards.


Extracurricular activities:

Extracurricular activities at AIS are an integral component of a well-rounded and balanced education. Extracurricular activities positively impact other areas of a student’s school life. They enhance imagination, productivity, stress relief, teamwork, and social skills. The activities have been carefully chosen to develop logical thinking, creativity, active listening, communication, strategy, leadership, physical stamina, and motor and coordination skills.

Extracurricular activities are conducted daily during school hours. The curriculum has been designed to give each student the opportunity to participate in all the extracurricular activities. We ensure that we provide ample encouragement and guidance to our students during these activities.


Art Club


The Art club lets children play with different media, tools and art materials to create a variety of artwork.




The computer-based activity helps students enhance their ICT skills and knowledge through a set of engaging and fun-filled tasks.


Music Club


The music club teaches children to be receptive and appreciative of sounds and music. This club also incorporates music-based games to make musical activities more engaging.


Board Games


Students can learn a variety of exciting board games like monopoly, Tumbling, Chess, Carom Monkeys, and Spin Uno. These games encourage bonding, strategy, and camaraderie.




Students are taught the rules and skills of football. Teams are formed and tournaments are conducted for the same.


Story Time


Storytime involves students and the teacher forming a group where the teacher narrates a story. The activities are designed depending on the age group of the students. Benefits include enhanced ability to pay attention, development of imagination, socialization, and communication skills.




Taekwondo equips children with basic self-defense techniques. During the preliminary stages, they are taught specific stretches, punches, blocks, and kicks. They are then taught shadow fighting and sparring techniques.




The traditional paper-folding art of Origami is a challenging but rewarding activity. Students learn to make a multitude of shapes including animals, flowers, vehicles and other objects.




Students are taught basic yoga techniques. This activity has been included with the aim of cultivating lifelong discipline and overall wellbeing.


Fun Math


Students come to appreciate the beauty and importance of mathematics by solving challenging and intriguing math problems.




The drama club paves way for the development of self-expression, teamwork, voice modulation, mime, and movement.




Cooking helps children appreciate the art and science of cooking while teaching them the importance of nutrition in maintaining one’s health.




Gardening cultivates an appreciation of plants and their importance. It gives a hands-on opportunity for learning about natural sciences and builds a connection with nature.


Fabric Painting



This activity lets children have fun with fabric paints and cloth.


Quilling Art


Quilling is a popular form of art that makes use of thin strips of paper. One can create a variety of art and designs by folding, rolling and sticking paper strips with the help of specialized tools.


Clay Modelling


Clay modeling is an activity that is popular among all age groups. Children are taught to let their imagination run free and create clay artifacts to their heart’s content.


Ceramic Club


The ceramic club offers activities that are simple yet lead to some beautiful outcomes. This includes creating ceramic artifacts from clay, pot painting, decorating ceramic objects, etc.


Countries and Club


This club lets children expand their knowledge about various countries of the world in a relaxed setting. It encourages their natural curiosity to learn about the world, and its cultures.


Silicon Club


The Silicon Club helps children learn and appreciate the city they live in. This club talks about history, current events, landmarks and other important characteristics of Bangalore.


Wildlife Club


A club that promotes awareness about wildlife and related topics like habitat, endangered species, conservation, policies, and laws.


Community Service


Community service programs are designed to encourage civic responsibility and provide credible, significant service to the community. Students can develop a well-rounded personality, human-centric skills, knowledge, and attitudes.


Word Search


This activity is aimed at improving mental acuity and vocabulary of students through word search games.


Reading Club


A club that aims to spark students’ curiosity & push them to seek deep knowledge through reading. This club lets students share and learn about interesting and thought-provoking books and their authors.


Public Speaking


This activity encourages students to present themselves more confidently before an audience. They are taught to form, deliver and critique speeches effectively.


Spell Bee


Students memorize a wide variety of words and attempt to compete against each other to spell the maximum number of words correctly. They are introduced to more complex words as they gain mastery.




The extempore activity lets students hone the art of speaking about a topic without prior preparation.




The abacus program equips children with the skills to perform complex mathematical calculations within seconds.




Independently, on the pitch and in rhythm with appropriate timbre, diction, and posture.

  • Expressively, with appropriate dynamics, phrasing, and interpretation
  • From memory, a varied repertoire of songs representing genres and styles from diverse cultures
  • In groups, blending vocal timbres, matching dynamic levels, and responding to the cues of a conductor.
  • Accurately and with good breath control throughout their singing ranges to match up with the instruments.




Students will learn different styles of dance such as western, hip-hop, Bharatanatyam, kathak.




As part of our pursuit of truly holistic education, AIS offers an enjoyable balance between physical activity and learning. Students will learn the basics of basketball, handball, athletics,  cricket, health, swimming, and lifesaving techniques.

Coaching for Life

In addition to adding value to any college application, active participation in sports at AIS instills a number of positive character traits that will stand students in good stead for a lifetime.

•    Anger Management
•    Concentration
•    Healthy Lifestyle
•    Motor Skills
•    Responsibility
•    Social Bonding
•    Teamwork.





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