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Our school library equips our students with lifelong learning skills and develop in them creative thinking and imagination and enable them to live as ideal and responsible citizens. Some of the salient features of our library include:

A spacious, inviting, well-maintained technology-supported library.
A huge resource pool of fiction, non-fiction, reference books, encyclopedias, dailies, magazines and journals.
Expert librarians and teachers to supervise and guide each student in the selection and use of books and other reading materials for the building of taste at appropriate level of maturity.
Constant up gradation of resources including both printed as well as audio visual materials to provide the latest information to our students.
Helping students inculcate the spirit of mutual and co-operative learning.

The library provides a unified platform for continuous knowledge absorption and interaction between students, their peers and teachers. Our resources cater to students of all age groups, interests and capabilities.
•    A collection of over 15,000 books that is continually being expanded and updated.
•    Digital resources like CD-ROMs and DVDs with multimedia content covering a wide range of topics
•    Subscription to over 18 Indian and International periodicals and magazines: Periodicals covering  current affairs such as The Week, India Today, Outlook; International News, Science and Technology, Art, Culture, Social Sciences etc.
•    24/7 Wi-Fi access and a sufficient number of computer terminals for browsing and research.
•    Access to books from the British Library through our Institutional Membership facility
•    Access to resources like Britannica Online.​

School Infirmary

Monitored by qualified medical personnel is dedicated to take care of the medical needs of the students while at school. The school ambulance is also available for further assistance. The school counsellor works in close association with the staff and parents to understand the child's counselling needs. We have our tie up with Address Health who conduct yearly check-up for our students and submit a detailed report.


The school has trained counsellors and special educators who provide counseling for emotional, behavioral and learning problems. The turbulent teens and situational mood swings are dealt with love, concern and most of all quiet understanding. We also attempt at providing career guidance for the students. The school conducts orientation and counselling programs for teachers, parents and children.
The following counseling services are available to all students:
•    Individual Counseling
•    Group Counseling
•    Classroom Interventions.
Some of the topics that are dealt with individual counseling are:
•    Personal and familial change and adjustment to change
•    Conflicts and conflict resolution
•    Dealing with feeling and emotions
•    Improving self-esteem
Other normal developmental issues Topics that could be dealt with group counseling are:
•    Anger Management
•    Self-esteem
•    Dealing with Loss
At the classroom level are:
•    Bullying
•    Character education
•    Life skills 
•    Social skills
•    Emotion Management
•    Things that can be dealt with

How does counselling work at Avin International School?
Students are first referred to the counsellor for a variety of concerns which may include:
•    Sudden dip in motivation or grades
•    Changes in behaviour
•    Sustained behavioural concerns
•    Peer pressure
•    Bullying etc.
The counselor will then have a meeting with the teacher to gain more information about the problem. The counselor will also meet with other teachers who are dealing with the student to get all round feedback about the student and also ascertain if the behavior is limited to one class or is sustained with all teachers. Thereafter, the counselor will have a classroom observation session, where she will observe the student in class to assess the behavior and the seriousness of the behavior. The counselor then will have an informal one-on-one session with the student to assess the problem behavior and decide on the best course of action to help the student.
Interventions can be peer interventions, classroom support, class interventions, group counseling and individual counseling. If a student is chosen for individual or group counseling the counselor will call the parents or primary caregivers to gain parental consent. No counseling and therapy services will be provided without parental consent.

Student council

Knowledge is power & unity is strength. A great student council utilizes knowledge and the collective abilities of students for the well-being and progress of the student community.
The AIS student council is the representative body of students. It promotes the ideal that one can sustain positive changes only through active participation and leadership. A council member’s duty is to be acutely aware of student needs & concerns. Each student leader is expected to be aware of council regulations & maintain integrity, and good conduct.
Roles & responsibilities of student council members.
Maintaining strong communication between the students and the school administration.
Mentoring and supporting fellow students
Maintaining discipline among students and enforcing code of conduct.
Understanding student needs and concerns, and communicating them clearly to the concerned authorities
Identification of problems, suggesting solutions, and improvements to existing systems
Planning and organizing various events
Organizing fundraisers for various causes and events
AIS  appoints Head Girl & Head Boy, House Captains, Cultural Captain, Sports Captain and Academic Captain for every academic year.
The Head Girl and Head Boy of the school are chosen to represent the student body in school events as well as external events. The candidates selected for this position serve as role models for the student community. They must exhibit impeccable behaviour, discipline and good academic performance.
House Captains are appointed for each of our 4 houses. The captain of each house is responsible for maintaining a sense of unity and harmony among the house members. They are required to encourage healthy competition among the different houses. They organize various house activities.
The Cultural Captain is in-charge of planning and organising cultural activities and also in-charge of activity clubs of the school.
The Sports Captain is responsible for improving the quality of sports activities at AVIN  in co-operation with the sports department and would be in charge of forming teams, improving participation, fostering healthy competition and encouraging good training practices.
The Academic Captain serves as a role model for the improvement of academics. His/her responsibility is to mentor students & help them adopt better study and learning practices.


Our modern & well equipped Math Lab makes the learning of Mathematics more interesting. It enables students to learn & explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems using technology tools. The laboratory allows & encourages the students to think, discuss and assimilate mathematical concepts in an innovative and interesting way. Some of the salient features of our math lab include:
To enable students to verify mathematical properties using models and other tools.
Provide an environment where students can explore the relatedness of mathematical concepts with everyday life.
Encourage individual participation in the process of mathematical learning.
To demonstrate abstract mathematical ideas using charts, models, etc. for more effective learning.
To help students develop interest and confidence in the subject.


At AIS e-learning is accorded top priority. This helps students schooling with us to be better equipped to meet the challenges of modern day living. “Smart Class Boards” have been installed in every class room. The teacher is able to log onto our Resource Centre and access audio visual aids to enhance the class room teaching experiences. Such learning through audio visual aids is better absorbed, since abstract concepts are given particular shapes & colours.
At AVIN International School – Bangalore we are continuously exploring innovative ideas and latest technologies to bring to you and your ward a fulfilling experience in education.

Transport services

We provide a fleet of well-maintained buses with trained drivers, conductors and lady attendants. All our buses are equipped with First-Aid kits. Our buses travel to all nooks and corner of the city to ensure that your child does not face any commutation issues. The bus staffs are regularly trained to take care of the students while they are using the school transport. 
The bus routes are assessed regularly to ascertain the most time efficient access and travel across the city to allow our students to have the least possible time spent in travelling. All our buses are fitted with Speed Governor, seat belts , fire extinguishers.


AIS  has  6 school buses of its own, which picks and drop students from across Bangalore. We follow all guidelines prescribed by the Karnataka Transport Department for School Buses. Each driver has at least 5 years of experience in driving heavy vehicles with valid license and have attended a workshop on Safe Route to Schools (SRTS) conducted by Bangalore Traffic Police Department and also received a certificate for same. If any parent, teacher or guardian travels in the bus, they too follow the same rules and regulations to ensure the safety norms.

The student must respect all the safety and security rules and regulations. They should respect the authority of the bus driver. Students are always required to take responsibility for their actions. If a student is reported for not respecting the rules of safety on the bus, AVIN has the right to suspend transportation privileges immediately, depending on the severity of the offence, for an extended period and up to the balance of the school year.

Note:Parents are requested to update the school about any changes in their child’s bus route or address. Kindly send an email to info@avininternational.com or call @ 080 22718027 / 7090908918.

Computer lab

The AIS is well equipped with modern computing facilities for students and teachers. Its information technology based learning solutions, multimedia experience, e-resources and high speed internet connectivity  are useful instruments for enlarging students overall knowledge and perspectives.
The building wide computer network - Computer Lab, faculty rooms, Library, Administration and Section Office are connected to the WIFI, through high speed Routers.
internet access is well utilized by both the students, faculty, administrative officers and non-teaching.


The school has state-of-the-art science laboratories equipped with all updated equipment. The lab provides for an integrated study of the sciences. The  lab stands unique both in terms of its design as well as its facilities. The labs cater to the three branches of Science & provide ample scope to the students to experiment & boost their spirit of enquiry. Some of the salient features of our science laboratory include:
Spacious, well-maintained and equipped with all up-to date instruments to inculcate a spirit of scientific enquiry in our students.

  • Careful supervision of students by trained staff while doing practical work.
  • Proper safety and protection provisions such as fume hood, goggles and gloves while doing practical work.
  • Periodical checking of electrical fittings/ insulations for replacement and repairs and chemicals/equipment for storage and disposal.
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