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We are thrilled that you are considering our school for your family. For the last seven years, we have welcomed students from all over Bangalore into our warm and diverse community. We understand the challenges and opportunities of making an international move as well as the questions that arise when moving to the International School, We accept students from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 10 and offer a challenging, balanced and student-centered curriculum led by a dedicated and talented faculty. 
Overall our learning experiences nurture and inspire excellence, foster intercultural competence, and empower engaged, ethical world citizens. If you can, arrange a visit to see our beautiful campus with your own eyes. A walk through campus will help you visualize your child in a school that embodies a love of learning for students and teachers alike. By the time you leave, you’ll understand why years of seasoned ex-pat and local families have chosen AIS.
We look forward to meeting your family, answering your questions, and helping you through the admissions process and transition to AIS.

Head of Admissions
Geetha H P



For the Academic Session 2021 - 2022

Admissions Process

The admissions team is excited to partner with families as they consider their educational choices for their children. As we take you through our admissions process we want you to know that our primary goal is to ensure your child’s success at AIS.
Our admissions process looks at the character of a child academically and socially to make sure AIS is the right fit for him or her. We welcome diversity and hope that families stay with us for their child’s entire academic journey.

Our Process

For all grades we require the past two years’ report cards that highlight academic and personal growth.


For Montessori

Child develops and refine their five senses practical life oriented. Based on self directed activity, hands on learning and laborative play.

Fine motor skilla and gross motor skills are developed. 

Five areas which montessori covers: 

  • Practical life
  • Sensorial
  • Mathematics / Airthematics
  • Language
  • Culture 

For Kindergarten

To start Kindergarten (age 3-5) at AIS, our early learners must be able to meet developmental and age appropriate expectations like being able to eat and drink independently, be potty trained with no diapers and other standards outlined in our Kindergarten Admissions Guidelines document. Please email us for this.
We take children whose primary language is English as well as non-native English speakers.
For parents who are in Bangalore at the time of application, our admissions process for the Early Years (ages 3, 4 and 5) program requires parents to bring their children in for three consecutive Shadow Days so that we can observe the child in a classroom environment.

For Elementary and Middle School

For Grades 1-8, we require students to take a Math and English Test on the content they have recently covered.
Our tests are based on the past content your child has covered. We can also send a list of suggested topics to revise. Our test’s goals are to evaluate grade placement and the right fit for their time at AIS. We do take into account that students come from different education systems when reviewing our applicants. AIS requires parents to pay the Entrance Test fee of Rs 500/-  prior to the testing date. Our business office will send an invoice to you as soon as you confirm the test date.
We also require the past two years’ report cards to assess a student’s academic history. Please do send these along with your application.

AIS Scholarship Program

Avin International School aims to attract the strongest candidates that the local Bangalore area and beyond has to offer, while benefiting students who might not otherwise be able to avail of a AIS education. Infusing into our community of learners, outstanding individuals looking to take on the CBSE makes us a richer and more vibrant school. The AIS   Scholarship Program has these goals in mind, as the school pushes forward into the future. Success breeds success, and AIS understands that better and brighter students, striving for perfection, serve to strengthen us as a school of note in Banglore.
The AIS Scholarship Program is available to all new applicants to AIS for Grade 9 (CBSE) and Grade 11 .

The Selection Process

Decisions on awarding of Scholarships will be based upon the following weighting: 80% for tests and 20% for interview.
Awarding of scholarship does not guarantee enrollment. Students must complete all admission formalities, before enrollment and scholarship can be confirmed.
The decisions of the AIS Scholarship Committee are final.
The candidates will appear for written test in English, Mathematics, and Science.
Candidates will also appear for an interview with the Committee.

Child Safety


Child Protection and Preventive Measures by AIS

We have 30 CCTV (Digital) cameras installed in the school campus which ensures safety in school for children.
All AIS Buses are equipped with GPS, seat belts, fire extinguishers, Speed Governors and first aid boxes for the safety of children.
CBV (criminal background verification) check has been done for all teaching and Non teaching staff.
All class room doors locks are disabled from the inside.
Clear and see through glass on each class room door for visibility.
All staff and support staff are on company role they are to follow company disciplinary policies.
We have also implemented child protection policy .
No Mobile phones access in school hours by students.
Mock fire alarm drill conducted at school every quarter.
Internet and wi-fi are fire walled (no access to social media and personal mails etc.)
Rooms not in use are locked at all times.
We also have full time psychological counsellor in school.

AIS Opportunities

The Avin International School, Bangalore invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced teachers for the opening.

We are looking for highly motivated and skilled educators who have the zeal for instilling values in the young minds and shaping the leaders of tomorrow. Well qualified and experienced teachers who can inspire, instil ideas, navigate and show the path to success not only as teachers but also as mentors and facilitators for the students.
Attractive pay package, ample scope for self-improvement, an atmosphere where each contribution is highly valued and appreciated and other perks are offered.
Only those who are fluent in English and possess excellent communication skills (preferably with CBSE back-ground) are considered for all subjects.

Qualification required :
Nursery : Graduation with Nursery/ Montessori Training.
Primary : Graduation with B.Ed. or D.Ed.
High School : Graduation/Post Graduation with B.Ed.

Basic requirements

Be experienced and comfortable working in an internationally-minded environment
Be able to build a learning environment that is supportive and productive
Be able to challenge and develop all students through differentiated approaches
Be able to build a learning programme that reflects their students’ needs, backgrounds, perspectives and interest
Be committed to continuous professional growth and professional learning

AVIN Internation School

AVIN International School: No. 38/2, Sulikere Village Kengeri Hobli, Bengaluru – 560060.

Phone : +91-7204440550

Email: avininternationalschool@gmail.com

Website: http://avininternational.com

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The Avin International School, Bangalore invites applications from suitably qualified and experienced teachers for the opening.


The decision on minimum equivalent grade for students coming from different grading systems rests solely with the AIS Scholarship Committee.
Selection factors will also include:

  • Statement of need
  • Evidence of academic excellence
  • Leadership qualities
  • Significant artistic or athletic achievement
  • Civic involvement/volunteerism
  • Engagement in school activities


Students whose fees are paid by parents’ companies cannot be considered for the Scholarship Program.

AVIN International School

Address: No. 38/2, Sulikere Village Kengeri Hobli, Bengaluru – 560060.

Phone : +91-7204440550

Email: avininternationalschool@gmail.com

Website: http://avininternationalschool.com

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